Brand Jam

How do brands build trust and connection, be authentic and memorable?

And what are the great mistakes people make and the big misconceptions about brand?

We explore the strategic and accidental ways brands build meaning for people, how they find a place in our hearts and why leaders must use brand to transform their businesses and organisations, inside and out.

Season 2

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Scott Oxford

Scott Oxford is a brand evangelist, brand strategist, creative and storyteller. He is partner in, and heads creative and brand strategy for New Word Order, a creative agency he’s run for nearly two decades with fellow strategist and content queen, Suzanne Oxford, who also happens to be his wife.

Through his work, he has been interviewing people and telling their stories for decades. Now, Scott takes one of his favourite specialties and asks questions and tells stories in his own voice and with people for whom brand is both a passion and a professional focus.

Scott also specialises in behaviour change and you’ll hear this come through in the episodes, with mention of the myriad of brands, campaigns and change projects he and his agency have created.

For the record, the brands he connected with and remembers fondly from childhood include Mars chocolate bar, Sunny Boy iceblocks, Orchy orange juice, Sunny Queen Eggs (there’s a story behind that one) Holden and Rolls Royce. Food and cars, unsurprisingly… oh, and TV channels, especially the good ol’ ABC.



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