Brand Jam

Episode 08

Jamming brand and ethical business

“What truly makes an ethical brand is how people believe in them and trust that they’re doing what they say. You can quite easily become an unethical brand if your actions don’t meet up with your words.”

In this episode Scott jams with Sean Marsh, an ethical business designer and strategist, on ethical and purpose-driven brands.

They discuss the intimate nature of the relationship people have with these brands, the importance of trust, transparency and authenticity and what happens when that trust gets broken. And they look at values-based brands that are doing this brilliantly.

The discussion explores green-washing, corporate mea culpas, sustainability and sustainable fashion and discuss how brands help us achieve our purpose, like superannuation funds and other businesses that invest our money in positive and negative ways.

The dancing environmentalists on TikTok get a look-in too.


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Episode 08

About Sean Marsh

Sean Marsh is a designer and strategist with over 10 years experience in design, brand, web and marketing.

If his life was a Venn diagram, it’d be equal parts creativity, sustainability and compassion. His career disproves the myth that you can’t make a living as a do-gooder.

Sean’s work has contributed to the divestment of many millions of dollars out of fossil fuels and back into renewable energy and ethical companies. It’s his proudest achievement.

He has spent the past 10 years working as an inhouse designer and marketer across multiple disciplines, targeting a wide variety of industries—software, construction, retail, government, finance, health and more.