Brand Jam

Episode 07

Jamming brand and reputation

“People can now see how the organisation behaves. They have a direct insight into the values, the culture, and that makes them feel something about that brand and therefore affects the brand reputation.”

Scott jams with Nicole Schulz on everything brand reputation, her specialty within strategic comms firm Sefiani Communications.

They explore why brands need help with their reputations, the glass box brands live in and how consumer savviness has changed everything. They look at celebrity endorsement, influencers, authenticity and accountability and how certain brands have strategically changed the conversations consumers are having about them.

They also explore some cautionary tales and and mistakes to avoid and bask in a heap of really great advice from a specialist in her field.


Nicole schulz 2


Episode 07

About Nicole Nicole Schulz is a strategic communications specialist with more than 15 years’ experience. Nicole has worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brands with a passion for delivering brand strategies and integrated communications campaigns that achieve tangible business outcomes.

Nicole has extensive experience building and enhancing positive brand reputations, including strategies to shift brand perceptions and earn trust. Nicole believes in the fundamental importance of investing in long-term brand strategies to future-proof business success.

Nicole spent the majority of her career at Hausmann Communications, a consumer public relations agency and part of The Haus Group, working her way up the ladder from starting in a graduate role to becoming a Business Director. 18 months ago Nicole joined Sefiani Communications Group, a strategic communications firm, to lead its brand reputation practice.

Nicole’s experience spans across a diverse range of industries including retail, home appliances, beauty, FMCG, beverages, consumer technology, gaming and financial services.