Brand Jam

Episode 06

Jamming brand and travel

“If you really want to be a smart brand tactician or a strategist, you need to play in the top of the funnel and build that salience with your customer through that emotional connection.”

Scott jams with Darren Wright, Flight Centre Travel Group’s global brand manager and a builder of travel brands from scratch in the Australian and global markets. They discuss Flight Centre’s unique internal brand culture, it’s distinctive external brand, the Captain character, and the various different brands under its global house.

They also chat about the world-wide freeze in travel, how the industry is coping and what happens next, exploring how brands and consumers alike are responding, and the importance of having a brand marketer in the C-suite.

Darren tells some tales from previous roles with Air Asia and Scoot, launching that brand in various countries as it grew, about customers, differentiation, online shopping, people and culture and travel, travel, travel!


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Episode 06

About Darren Darren started in travel 23 years ago with a background in aviation including Virgin Blue, AirAsia and Scoot airlines. He’s lived in Malaysia and Singapore, and now in Northern NSW. He focuses on global brand strategies and consolidation across the leisure portfolio of Flight Centre Travel Group.