Brand Jam

When brand is your jam, you just can’t help but jam about brand.

But what’s the big deal about brand? (And no we don’t mean your logo either – brand is so much more than visual elements – it’s your story and every single way in which that story plays out.)

Brand continues to step up and take its place as a weapon that leaders use to bring transformational change to their businesses and organisations. But how did brand sharpen up and become powerful, and what are the ways this takes shape?

It all starts with some key questions, like how do brands build trust and connection, capture and express their authenticity and be memorable? How do they change hearts and minds and influence behaviours? And what are the great mistakes people make, and the big misconceptions about brand?

Agency head and brand evangelist Scott Oxford jams on all things brand with a variety of guests for whom brand is close to their hearts, and key to their professional practice.

Together they explore the strategic (and sometimes accidental) ways brands build meaning for people, how they find a place in our hearts and why leaders must understand and use brand to transform every aspect of their businesses and organisations, inside and out.

Brand Jam