Brand Jam

Episode 16

Jamming brand and market research

Scott jams with George Zdanowicz, the CEO of Enhance Research and the President of the Australian Data and Insights Association, about the role of market research in the life and success of a brand and the ways it informs the building of connection through meeting the wants and needs, known or yet to be known, of their target market. They delve into the behaviour change realm, looking at not for profit and preventative health brands as well as the ways commercial brands influence behaviour. And they tap into brand promise, building empathy with an audience, and some brilliant GenX childhood favourite brands and jingles from the 70s and 80s. They also explore the path to working in market research and the research you can do yourself.


George Zdanowicz bw


Episode 16

George is CEO of Enhance Research and President of the peak industry body, the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA).

At Enhance Research, George and his team work with government and private sector clients on topics as diverse as social policy and behaviour change in public health, transport and domestic violence; plus customer experience, brand and communications.

With over 25 years in the research industry, working on both the client and agency sides, George is passionate about understanding people and ensuring customer insights are at the centre of business and brand decisions.

After growing up and starting his career in Sydney, George moved to Brisbane in 2005 and is now completely at home in the River City, where he can often be found cycling the hills of south east Queensland, walking to local breweries with his dog Ralph, or stretching out his ageing body at wife Amanda’s yoga studio.