Brand Jam

Episode 09

Jamming brand and software

“Software as a service challenges a brand to be that good every time I reconsider my relationship with you. So you need to build a brand that’s constantly proving the promise in the experience all the time, because people can see the options that they have and they can change.” — Louise

“Brand is about the product itself, the experience that I have within the product. It’s the support. It’s the people I might happen to have to interface with. It’s the payment process. It’s all of those. The entire package is the brand.” — Deb

In this episode Scott jams with two software marketers from different ends of the spectrum—Louise Flynn, who specialises in startups, and Deb Manning, head of global campaigns for Autodesk, on the role brand plays in software.

They explore the shift from software in a box to software as a service (SaaS), how holistic brand experience impacts on software adoption and retention, and discuss the wider technology companies and their platforms, and the all important aspect of building trust and customer-focused experience.

They reflect on the relatively short amount of time since software began, the value of looking back as well as forward, and making promises you can keep, and then keeping on keeping them.


Deb Louise


Episode 09

Deborah Manning

Creative, competent, strategically focused marketing professional with comprehensive experience managing marketing campaigns in a variety of industry segments across Autodesk. Deborah is able to connect business fundamentals to execution and ensure collaboration across teams. She’s passionate about marketing, digital disruption and most importantly the people she leads to achieve shared goals. Over the past seven years with Autodesk, Deborah’s responsibilities have grown and today she manages a team of marketers delivering digital campaigns across all industries in focus countries globally. In addition to this, she’s focused on driving engagement with the Autodesk business model transformation and seeing our customers harness the opportunities that this will open up for improved customer experience.

Louise Flynn

Louise Flynn is the Founder at Rulu Marketing, a growth marketing agency for B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. After 20 years, working in local and global software companies including Neto Ecommerce, EventsAIR and Solarwinds, you could say she know her SaaS from her elbow. Louise is also in the process of launching a new start up helping small business develop their first marketing strategy. Louise is Certified Practising Marketer at the Australian Marketing Institute, on the Advisory Board for, an organiser for ProductTank Brisbane and mentor at QUT Foundry. She also love fridge magnets.