Brand Jam

Episode 17

Jamming brand and books

Scott jams with Steffen Daleng, the Chief Marketing Officer of Booktopia about selling books and selling anything online. They discuss competing with big international players, and winning, and the vital importance of constant communication with the customer. Steffen shares how Booktopia is contributing to the industry and literacy, on building and keeping trust and staying focused on doing what you do really well. Their mutual love of the Lego brand makes a showing as does the rise of gaming as a rival to movies and streaming, and the value of disrupting yourself to stay salient, grow and innovate while staying firmly focused in your lane.


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Episode 17

Steffen serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Booktopia. The Telstra People’s Choice Winner, and Bookstore of the year 2019. Booktopia is a pure play online book retailer selling an item every 5 seconds and shipping more than 5 million units a year.

Steffen was named #15 Top People in Ecommerce in 2021.

Over the last decade, Steffen has founded companies in Denmark, Italy and Indonesia.

Successfully launching a Danish high-end online consumer electronics store 2006, became the driving force for pursuing more digital ventures. Ultimately leading to Profitize; A Digital Agency specialising in E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimisation, Strategy, Design/Development and Digital Marketing.

After arriving in Australia, Steffen joined The Co-op where he in his latest role as General Manager - Digital & Marketing was responsible for growing customers and revenue through digital platforms, e-commerce and Omnichannel marketing across all stores and digital ecosystem. The group later acquired and the later acquisition and consolidation of Australian Geographic Retail, coming full-circle as he joined Booktopia in 2018 and the team acquired The Co-op’s online business in 2020.

Having helped more than 300 SMEs through Profitize and the experience from founding 4 Online Stores, Steffen holds a broad experience in global e-commerce strategy and Digital Marketing tactics across B2C and B2B.

With 15+ Years experience in selling online, Steffens ecommerce experience started through selling on the danish online marketplace in 2005 which grew into a large danish online electronics retailer with import from china. After the GFC had ravaged Scandinavia and the rest of the world Steffen founded the digital agency Profitize to help SMBs grow their online business through Conversion Rate Optimisation, Strategy, Design/Development and Digital Marketing.

Selling his girlfriends used jewelry on online marketplaces in 2005 was the start of Steffens journey in Ecommerce. He quickly discovered he had a talent for selling online, and decided to import directly from factories in china to sell on marketplaces.

The business grew out of its modest living room confinement and into a small warehouse, then another, and another. Within a year the business had more than 8000 SKUs in electronics and stocked Apple, Samsung and a range of other high end electronic brands.