Brand Jam

Episode 01

Jamming brand and change

"As a brand you’ve got an opportunity and an obligation to tell people what you stand for."

Debbie shares her experience as Head of Marketing for News UK during the transition of The Times from broadsheet to tabloid.

Debbie gives us her perspective on brands that betray and we jam about brands finding special places in our family life and in our hearts.

We unpack the old ‘brand is not your logo’ confusion, the role of competitor brand insights and focus on the people who live and breathe your brand every day.


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Episode 01

About Debbie

Following years of working in global businesses, Debbie is passionate about delivering revenue acquisition and marketing strategies to businesses through structured, repeatable and measurable processes.

A regular international speaker, facilitator and advisor to CEOs and business leaders, Debbie developed the unique Threeby3 methodology—the 9 Boxes™— to support strategic business growth. Replacing tactical responses with business-aligned strategy, the 9 Boxes™ methodology has been used by more than 2000 businesses worldwide.

Debbie’s experience with mid-tier businesses has built on her extensive experience in corporate business in the UK with major global media group News Corp working on The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and the News of the World and global recruitment business Robert Half International.

Today, Debbie speaks regularly at CEO forums helping senior executives benchmark their current marketing performance and helps them understand their role in using marketing strategically, directing it from the board room.