Brand Jam

Episode 21

Jamming brand with Facebook

Scott jams with Naomi Shepherd, Group Industry Director at Facebook and Instagram, to discuss the power of mobile to grow brands, the remarkable role of content creators who become influencers and trend-setters, and how consumer behaviour is the key driver to innovation and change on these global platforms. They explore algorithms, personalisation and what happens when platforms get it right, and wrong. They discuss the launch of ads on Instagram and the lessons learned, how they helped businesses get online during lockdown and Naomi shares a sneakpeek into some of the innovative directions Facebook is preparing for the future.

Naomi also takes us back to the days of Smith’s Chips’ Gobbledock, and explains why brands like Modibodi and Sweat have more than just her admiration.

“These content creators, they’re the taste-makers, they’re the culture-shapers, they’re going to be in very high demand, and brands are, and should be, working with them.” Naomi Shepherd, Group Industry Director, Facebook & Instagram.


Naomi shepherd


Episode 21

As Group Industry Director at Facebook and Instagram, Naomi Shepherd works relentlessly at furthering Facebook’s mission to bring the world closer together. The Industries she works across cover FMCG, Retail and eCommerce where she is focused on helping businesses discover the power of mobile to grow their businesses. Prior to her remits of how millions of Australians discover their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds on their mobiles, Naomi gained extensive experience from a career in broadcast and digital, both locally and in New York and the UK.