Brand Jam

Episode 04

Jamming brand, consumers and customers

“It’s more difficult than ever to stand out now, to differentiate yourself. You’ve got to be relevant. You’ve got to differentiate.”

Scott and Ashley jam about the complex relationships customers have with brands, the importance of brand purpose and the new rules for brands.

They discuss consumer brands like Heineken, McDonalds (and their relationship with cricket), Netflix and Philips.

They also explore new directions in market research, brand tracking, the demise of Australian car brand, Holden, and why on earth you’d want to drink alcohol-free beer.


Ashley smith


Episode 04

About Ashley

Ashley spent the first half of his life in Australia, went to Europe for 20 years and recently returned to Australia.

He worked as the insights leader for global businesses such as Philips and for the past 10 years on the agency side of the fence.

Ashley has been lucky enough to support big, beautiful brands such as Heineken, Pernod Ricard, Ferrero, Danone and L'Oreal. Booze and confectionery—what could go wrong?

His personal mission statement: I help companies of all sizes to be more customer-centric in their marketing, product innovations, brand story and experiences.

He has a creative side too, cheekily coming up with taglines in the middle of creative workshops.

He is also a recorded musician and once competed in the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland. Now that’s a claim to fame.