Brand Jam

Episode 03

Jamming brand and people

“If you don't have a brand that people know, trust and understand what it does, no one's going to buy what you're selling.”

Scott and Kate jam about the tangible value of brand, discussing vital links between people roles and brand roles in business, and the pivotal role brand plays in business health and success.

We explore the worlds of recruitment, psychology and business evolution and we unpack a key rebrand project Kate led, across a range of acquired businesses, doing similar work.

Find out about a major American brand that impacted her long before it made it to our shores, why she loves her superannuation fund and the role brand plays for her in her current role at Revelian.


Kate phillips


Episode 03

About Kate

Kate joined Revelian in 2015 as part of the Senior Leadership Team, continuing a 20+ year career in B2B marketing, which has spanned the HR and recruitment sectors internationally, as well as government, media, transport and construction.

In her current role, Kate is responsible for Revelian’s marketing and digital sales strategies globally as well as managing the customer support function and leading Revelian’s People Strategy.

Kate’s experience includes the not-for-profit sector as a Non-Executive Director. She is also actively involved in the professional marketing community in Brisbane, mentoring a number of early and mid-career marketing professionals.