Brand Jam

Episode 19

Jamming brand and coffee

Scott jams brand and coffee with Phillip Di Bella - coffee king, serial business founder and genuine migrant success story. They explore the story of coffee, and the journey from bean to cup, as well as Italianality, the Australian brand identity and building a brand with your family name attached, then selling it. They discuss the importance of narrative and story, and staying true to your brand promise, and what happens when you don’t. Phillip shares on personal brand (and the time he damaged his), fatherhood, European cars, and using his experience to empower people and brands through his various projects, including The Coffee Commune.


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Episode 19

Phillip Di Bella is a highly respected business entrepreneur with a unique ability to visualise and commercialise what many others never see. Though initially known for the establishment of Di Bella Coffee, which became Australia’s largest speciality coffee company, Phillip’s entrepreneurial spirit has brought success to other businesses such as International Coffee Traders, Abbotsford Road Specialty Coffee in New York, and more recently The Coffee Commune.

Not satisfied with simply focusing on building his own successful businesses, Phillip has dedicated much time to supporting the growth and development of other businesses. Often referred to as an “Entrepreneur in Residence”, Phillip regularly lends his strategic thinking to businesses such as BDO Consulting, helping their clients overcome challenges, see new opportunities, and then supporting the commercialisation of these solutions.

Phillip has further extended his commitment to the coaching and mentoring of other businesses through the establishment of The Coffee Commune - a business dedicated to the long term development, sustainability and success of the broader coffee industry for all participants. Through The Coffee Commune Phillip enthusiastically shares his experience and knowledge of the coffee industry and continues his passion for encouraging improvement and inspiration in others.

Though an indomitable force in the business world, Phillip is equally committed to helping others. Over the years Phillips’s entrepreneurial capabilities and contribution to the broader community have been acknowledged in many forums - from Business Review Weekly Fast 100 accolades, Lord Mayor’s Corporate Citizenship Awards, to an Italian knighthood for his contribution to the Italian Community and a Adjunct Professorship of Entrepreneurship from Griffith University. Phillip is driven by the desire to be the best he can be, and through his coaching, mentoring, and community work, aims to help others achieve this too.