Brand Jam

Episode 23

Jamming brand and mission

Scott jams with Jenni Hayward, General Manager of Mood, a new tea brand with a sole mission to fight youth suicide. Mood is the first consumer-facing brand by UnLtd, the media industry’s social purpose organisation, through their new social enterprise, Little Colossus. With an overall focus on youth at risk, these organisations are all brands with a mission and they explore how mission impacts purpose and the incredible generosity of commercial partners who make it possible. They also explore Jenni’s former life in PR in London and some big brands she worked on, including a Belvedere vodka brand fail, meat-favoured aftershave for Burger King promoted by the Piers Morgan, and a Whiskas TV commercial only cats could hear. But in the end, saving lives through selling something most people drink every day, is the perfect tea for this episode’s (brand) jam and bread.

"what we know about the youth generation is they care about social purpose and social issues. They’re ready to vote with their dollar, buying brands that represent their values."


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Episode 23

Jenni is the General Manager of MOOD, a new tea brand that exists to fight youth suicide.

Starting her career in London Jenni cut her teeth in PR working with global brands including Nokia, Burger King and Belvedere Vodka.

In 2016 after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and travelling solo through South America, she landed in Australia. In search of a role with purpose (not that selling booze and burgers wasn’t good for the soul) she found UnLtd.

UnLtd, is the media industry’s social purpose organisation. Jenni joined to develop its events business. Over two years she built out the portfolio from 2-25 events. In 2020 she was appointed General Manager of UnLtds new social enterprise Little Colossus. She was tasked with launching a consumer facing brand and starting the business from scratch - MOOD was born.

MOOD exists to fight the number one killer of young people in Australia; suicide. That’s why 100% of profits fund mental health programs for young people. Just six months since launch and over $140k of tea sold, MOOD is already saving young lives.