Brand Jam

Episode 13

Jamming brand and red meat

"That’s how we keep relevant, keep topical and how we make it broadly appeal. If we go for a niche idea that’s provocative, but if people do not see it as relevant to themselves, they’re not going to share it. They’re not going to watch the whole thing and that’s the challenge. We want people not just to skip through. We want engagement."

In this episode Scott jams with Graeme Yardy, the Domestic Market Manager for Meat & Livestock Australia. He’s responsible for the sales and marketing efforts for 11 billion dollars worth of Australian beef and lamb in Australia alone.

They talk about the big lamb ad, the role lamb plays culturally in Australian life and the differences between marketing beef and lamb. Graeme talks about the sometimes weighty burden of supporting the nation’s red meat producers, farmers in a time when farming is harder than ever, with brand awareness, marketing and sales. They also explore iconic Australian surf brands, Graeme’s time at Wrigley and Mars, and going beyond selling ‘boxes of product’ to being a business or organisation with true purpose.


Graeme yardy


Episode 13

Graeme Yardy is the Domestic Market Manager for Meat & Livestock Australia, with responsibility for the sales and marketing efforts for $11bn of Australian Beef & Lamb in the local market. His budget is funded by levies from the 80,000 hard-working Beef and Lamb producers, so he feels extreme responsibility to make every dollar count. He has been at the helm for the last three Summer Lamb Australia Day campaigns.

Graeme comes from a classic FMCG background holding sales and marketing roles at Mars, Wrigley and Johnson & Johnson, both locally and in North America. He is passionate about not just consumer insights, but human insights and ensuring brands do more than just sell products, that they make people’s lives better and more enriched in some way.

His career has taken many twists and turns, chasing experiences rather than titles, and has spent time as a landscaper, worked in surf shops and sold beer (how hard can it be?). Graeme is married to a talented paediatric nurse turned photographer, Christine and is Dad to two lively boys, Cooper and Sullivan, and the mischievous Labradoodle Hudson.

Passionate about the outdoors – surfing, biking, skiing, photography, making family home movies and generally just trying to make it all fit into 24hours.